THIS RENT DEED IS made and executed at _____________on this _____ Day of ____, YEAR BETWEEN,  MR./MRS___________________S/O____________________R/O______________ _________ hereinafter called the first Party/landlord.


MR/MRS.______________________S/O___________________R/O________________________, Herein after called the Second party/tenant.

AND WHEREAS on the Second party has approached the first party to take on  Rent for OFFICE _________________________________________. and in request of the second Party/ party, on monthly rent, for the purpose of “BUSINESS” on the following terms and conditions :-

1. That the landlord has delivered the vacant possession of the said Premises to the tenant and the tenant accepts the same.

2. That the monthly rent of the said premises shall be Rs.______________/- (Rupees Only) per month and the tenancy month will be according to English calendar month. That the rent agreement effective from _____________

3.That the Rent Agreement shall be initially valid for a period of 11 months otherwise agreed between the parties.

4. That the said premises demised hereby shall be used for the Business purpose by the tenant.

5. That the tenant will not make any additions or alteration in the existing structure of the demised premises without prior permission of the landlord.

6. That the tenant has to bear the maintenance charges if applicable.

7. That the tenant paying the monthly rent regularly shall peacefully enjoy the said premises without any hindrance or obstruction from the landlord.

8. That the tenant shall pay the Electricity charges Bill as per actual consumed units.

9.That the tenant may at any time vacant the premises after giving one month’s prior notice to the landlord.

10.That the tenant shall not use the said premises for any other purpose contrary to law.

11. That the second party shall have full right to inspect the said premises at any convenient time when the tenant is present at the premises.

12. That the tenant shall pay the above said fixed rent monthly, regularly and in advance to the said landlord, and in case if the tenant fails to pay the said fixed rent to the landlord, the landlord shall have full right to evict the said tenant form the said premises as soon as possible.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, both the parties have signed this Agreement at ___________, the date mentioned above, in the presence of following witnesses:-

1.                                                                                                            LANDLORD


2.                                                                                                               TENANT

                                                                                                         Accepted the tenancy